Caring For Your Wig

At our cosmetology school in Boston, we ensure that our students are aware of how to care for a wig so that they can better inform their future customers. Depending on what the wigs are made of, these hair pieces can be quite expensive, and therefore they require specialized care and delicate handling.

Before all else, be sure that the specific wig’s instructions are read carefully. Each wig is different and the type of material used (real hair or synthetic) means it will respond differently to tangling and heat.

Shampoo and Conditioner. Just as there are specific shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair and fine hair, there are specific brands to look for that are meant for wig care. The difference in these specific products is in the chemical composition. The chemicals used are much less harsh. Also keep in mind that washing your wig should not be done while you are in the shower. Instead, put the wig in a lukewarm shampoo-based bath to soak. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and comb any knots out with a wig brush.

Don’t Use Products. Using hairspray, gel or other hair care products will only damage your wig over time. You may only be using a little bit at a time, but this can build up and cause damaging snarls that can end up breaking the strands. Using a flatiron, hair dryer or curling iron on a synthetic wig is also a recipe for disaster as it can melt the fibers. Human hair wigs may hold up better to a hair dryer once in awhile on a low heat setting, but never use a flatiron or curling iron.

Proper Storage. When you aren’t using your wig, always be sure to store it upright in order to preserve the volume of the hair as well as any styling is has. NEVER sleep in your wig, no matter what the circumstances, as you can wake up with a knotted mess that’s difficult to untangle and damaging to the wig. If you can, try to find a mannequin head to store your wig on. Also keep it out of direct sunlight as this can damage the fibers and cause them to lighten.

At Bojack Beauty Academy, our stylists in training will often perform styling techniques using wigs on mannequins. If you’re interested in working with wigs, hair, and hairstyling, apply now to Bojack Beauty Academy!

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